Saturday, June 23, 2007

WEEK TWO - Samantha Janae Schwarz

The Prettiest Blue-eyed Girl in the World!!

We spent quite a bit of time in the airport...b/c of rain many flights were delayed...what a JOY to get to go and spend some quality time w/ the Schwarz family!!! Ooooh, and this was such a fun time! Being able to spend some quality time with our best friends was such a see how much this little 'charmer' has grown in just one year!!

Some of my favorite things about Sammi Jae:

  • Her fun jabber...especially exclaiming: "DAAA------DDDYYY!"
  • Her peering thru the windows from her playroom into the living room...trying to gain attention from us....(of course she had our attention the WHOLE time!)

  • Her walking about with that PACI!!! Sooooo cute!!! (I eventually had to buy her a "bling" paci....)
  • Her climbing into my lap to cuddle...sort of, but turning around to face outward.

  • Her hugs and open-mouthed kisses....

  • Her gorgeous blue eyes....

Sammi with her 'BLING PACI'

Oooooh, I love love love this little girl....thankfully we will get to see her again in a few weeks!!!!

Aunt Deb & Sammi...

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