Monday, April 14, 2008

ISABELLA prays for Jesus to be her Savior!

About 6 weeks ago I declared that my daughter would accept Jesus as her savior THIS YEAR!!! ~ So....I've been praying that God would reveal Himself to her...unveiling her eyes...and maturing her heart beyond her years.
Tonight as we were praying before bed she told me that Lucifer was real...and asked me where he lived which got us into the story of God casting Lucifer out of heaven b/c he wanted to be like God -- and then she started asking if she could pray to put Jesus in her heart forever and ever...because she wanted to be with God forever." I quickly called Russ into her room (he normally wouldn't even be here except that tonight by a miracle he ended by 7:30 and was home before she went to bed!!)Anyway, she told Daddy that she wanted to pray to ask Jesus in her we told if she wanted to we'd pray with her but she'd need to tell God in her own words!! OH, it was sooooo sweet....
"Dear Jesus, I want you to come into my heart, I love you so much....please help me have good dreams....thank you....I want to live with you forever and ever. ~amen.

"TOOO SWEET!!!! She seems to understand that she 'disobeys' and that God doesn't like that and that's why Jesus died on the cross...she is forgiven...and that God will be with her forever....and Lucifer can't do anything about it! (loved that!) It's such a simple understanding...but it's soooo sweet all she gets!
WE are Praising GOD!!!
What JOY!!!

Just wanted to share with you all.... Love you all.
NOW to HIM, Deb, Russ & Isabella