Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DAY FOUR: "FE y CURACION ~ faith & healing"

God has been growing Isabella's faith by leaps and bounds...it's been amazing to watch her grow in the Lord this year & 4mos. (she accepted Jesus as her Savior in Apr. '08).

So, in the months of preparation for this mission trip, Isabella was doing some bible study with one of our sweet friends who teaches the children. In one of the studies we started talking about John the Baptist baptizing Jesus...Isabella put it together with Ananias baptizing Saul/Paul...and then said -- "I never did that Mommy, I think I need to!!" Amazed & excited I called the church to find out the next baptism date -- it was that Sunday!

I must say I'm continually blown away by the thoughts and ideas that God drops in her mind and on her heart....on our way to her baptism, she declared -- "Mommy, WE are going to Oaxaca, and we are going to lay hands on little children, and they are going to be healed in Jesus Name!"I just looked at her in astonishment -- and said "Yes, 'Bella! God IS going to heal people..." -- I thought in my mind, "wow, what a bold declaration for a 5yo!" that was the point that I started to get a sense that her baptism this day was and open door to a grand adventure & the beginning of days, weeks, and years of ministry in her life!~


10 days later we left for Oaxaca...On the 2nd day of ministry in the village we went to church. At the end of an amazing service...we went up in groups...to pray for and minister to the people of the village.

The short version of this story goes like this:

A young girl and her parents approached us, he father explained that she was completely deaf...and had been deaf for over 2yrs. The doctors had told them that she'd not hear again -- but they were believing for a miracle, and believed that God would heal her. Isabella instinctively and immediately before even being directed by the missionary in our prayer circle laid hands on this little girl and began praying powerfully in Jesus name. Prayers for healing.

I found myself putting my fingers in the girls ears....and praying for her healing, but also asking the Lord if he'd heal her AND grow Isabella's faith in who and what God was and could do! I felt the words of the Lord DROP boldly in my heart...."It is done."

I looked at the missionary -- and Isabella...and the other doctors in our circle, the little girl and the parents...and told the missionary that I felt the Lord say it's done. I took my fingers out -- and the little girl smiled, turned and walked away. We were stunned...but the next moments happened so fast -- the missionary went, "chush, chush!!" and motioned for her to come back. He then said, "can you hear me?" -- she said, "Sí, Señor!"...he lowered his voice and said, "can you hear me now?" -- she said, "Sí, Señor!" -- NEEDLESS to say...we erupted in cheers and praise for this wild miracle....I nearly fell over!! Isabella just looked calmly at the line of people and me...and said, "Isn't it cool what God can do?!" I just wanna cry even now....just thinkin' -- "yea, BabyLove...God is COOL!"

DAY FOUR: San Antoninio

God's Provision of Rain: when the village people said, "if you bring God with you...pray for rain...b/c we have not had rain in 2 and a half months!" We prayed and within the hour it rained hard -- and God came down mightily from the heavens. As we stood in the center of town with the village officials and villagers we watched the rain in awe. I could see people coming out of their houses...onto their rooftops or balconies to see the rain...I could hear the donkeys complaining about the rain...but most impactful to me personally was standing under the covering with this old woman - I sang praises to my Lord - not completely aware of the language of praise or the words I was saying - she looked joyful & blessed...as she huddled close to me, nodding in 'agreement.' It was as if she understood the magnitude of what my mind did not! Praise God for His Miracles!! Rain may not seem like a big deal to us here in the cities, because much of the time if the Doppler forecasts rain - we sigh thinking how inconvenient it will be in our daily commute. BUT, trust me when I say, when there is NO rain-- and you call on the 'maker of rain' to appear in the form of rain...and HE DOES!!?? This is mind - blowing. A true miracle.

Monday, July 20, 2009

DAY THREE: Traveling into the mountains...

Today we got up early... packed all the vehicles to drive into the mountain village. Our first destination was SanAntonino. The drive was amazing... winding thru the mountain dirt roads, seeing towns people walking roadside with their goats & donkeys, watching cows feeding on practically vertical grasslands, looking thru the plush mountain range & the bright blue skies with puffs of clouds. Bouncing along the rocky roads, streams, & water crossings...passing thru the needy Zapotec villages & road blocks.

As we were driving we would plant keys thru out the land. We especially like dropping keys in the water trusting God that he was opening up things in the 'spirit realm' for the people of these mountains. There were a couple different turns where we had opportunities to get out of the van, it became a fun game with God....we'd bury keys in all sorts of areas.
  • on the side of the road
  • under trees
  • in holes of walls
  • in a garden of corn
  • or throwing them down a cliff into river.
God said...

"I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on
earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will
be loosed in heaven." ~Matthew 16:19

Sunday, July 19, 2009

DAY TWO: Morning Mountain Mercies...

We were surprised this morning when we found out that we, as a team, were driving up to a mountain sight overlooking OAXACA to have our morning worship...and time with the Lord. Isabella, Russ and I decided to take this time to start our "Freedom Key" adventure. It was so powerful overlooking Oaxaca City & praying for freedom for the city, the people...and all that God would do in the days to come while we were on this mission trip.
"I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." ~Matthew 16:19~
We are LOOSING things here in Oaxaca -- FREEDOM -- loosing the chains of the heritage lands, the generational teachings, witchcraft, alcoholism, bitterness, anger, & death. We are calling forth FREEDOM & HEALING. This treasure hunt has turned into an incredible time of building our faith as we are laying down symbols in the "natural realm" as we bury keys --FREEDOM KEYS!!
We are believing that GOD is releasing the bondage chains within the land of Oaxaca!!

Isabella's first SWEET prayer over the overlooking Oaxaca City was sooo amazing as she prayed for the people, but emphasised that children in Oaxaca would be 'healed in Jesus name'...and come to know who Jesus was. Her belief and trust is so precious -- I see God teaching ME what it means to have faith of a little child. She definitely is being moved, and trusting God completely thru the Holy Spirit -- because I couldn't possibly teach her this...as I feel I am still learning this type of faith. I'm sooo thankful to be her Mommy. THANK YOU, LORD.
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

DAY ONE: Mission Compound...Training...& AMAZING FOOD!

OAXACA, Mexico or BUST!!

Our day was uneventful...and smooth.


And although we didn't leave for the airport at our original time we planned we arrived in plenty of time....and much of the team was not ther yet. (I was thankful for THAT...even though we were not planning on packing glasses, drops or medications within our luggage.

GOD answered all of our prayers....
  • PLEASE PRAY – travel mercies (everyone in our team arrives, travel details, flight details, patience, Isabella will be peaceful and cooperative)
  • Isabella was soooo great! She was sooo giddy and excited... she stayed awake until we boarded the plane!! (and before take-off promptly passed out!)
  • PLEASE PRAY – we can sleep on the plane. (we arrive in Oaxaca at 7:30am)
  • YEA!!
  • PLEASE PRAY – that we will be able to check our luggage all the way through to Oaxaca City and go through customs there.
  • THIS was amazing...all of our luggage went straight thru to Oaxaca - and customs was sooo easy & simple!
  • PLEASE PRAY – that customs and immigration will go smoothly for all, that all our luggage will arrive safely. (Also, we are transporting over 1000prs. of glasses – that they will clear, and all equipment and medication will clear.)
  • SMOOTH as SILK!!!

Praise GOD for the early stages.... for the most part all went well.


Although I didn't sleep much on either flight....Isabella and I enjoyed the beautiful sunrise over Mexico City....where Isabella was determined we saw a VOLCANO! Later we found out it really WAS!! Volcano Popo...it's one of the twin volcanos surrounding Mexico City, her sister has the nickname for : ""The Sleeping Woman." Popo (formally known as: Popocatepetl) was letting off some steam!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Isabella's MINISTRY....

I believe that God is going to use Isabella in AMAZING ways for his Kingdom. She's so excited about this mission trip, I can only think that the Lord has enhanced this excitement and joy!
My first mission trip to Mexico was 11 yrs ago...I connected with the children by singing....I knew ONE SONG in spanish....and the kids flocked to me...and we painted DAY after DAY!! Well, my sweet girl LOVES ART....loves to color...
Many of you know that I'm illustrating children's books....and so I thought, what fun to illustrate some coloring pages...and buy some bulk crayons from Oriental Trading company.

Please pray that God will bless her time...our time.
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

ISABELLA KATE'S Baptism: July 5th 2009 @ 4:35pm

What a blessing to be an observer, prayer warrior, & parent to this precious girl!
THANK YOU God! It's been so fun to watch her journey in knowing God, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit. From the night she said to me, "Where are you going? We gotta pray and get Jesus in my heart!" To...when she told us about her dream she had about Jesus dressed in white with a shiny-sparkly head, and declared, "He was putting the shiny in my heart!"
We've watched her grow in the fruit & power of the Holy Spirit thru out this year -- and finally after hearing the story of "Saul of Tarsus" and his conversion - she said, "Ananias baptized Paul like John the Baptist baptized Jesus. I didn't do that - I need to do that Mommy!"
Which brings us to this video...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"THANK YOU for Praying for...."

Oaxaca, MX. –
(Pronounced "Wuh-ha-kah”)
I want you to know –RIGHT NOW I am praising our God for YOU! Early on, when I began praying for this Oaxaca Mission Trip, the Lord laid on my heart that he had a strong army of warriors that would commit to be on our support prayer team. He also dropped in my spirit that it would be a small team – yet, a significant team. Your part on this prayer team, I believe, has and will have a significant impact. I know it will ‘help’ us in our PHYSICAL world, but I believe it will be MORE impacting & powerfully significant in the SPIRIT REALM (what I think of as “the war zone.”) Not to mention….many of YOU I’ve watched for years model integrity in prayer, (ie.)when you say you will pray – you WILL PRAY!) – We’re sooo BLESSED!!

FRIDAY, July 17th – 9pm:
TRAVEL DAY – going to the JFK at 9pm….our flight leaves at midnight – and we travel thru the night.

  • PLEASE PRAY – travel mercies (everyone in our team arrives, travel details, flight details, patience, Isabella will be peaceful and cooperative)

  • PLEASE PRAY – we can sleep on the plane. (we arrive in Oaxaca at 7:30am)

  • PLEASE PRAY – that we will be able to check our luggage all the way through to Oaxaca City and go through customs there.

  • PLEASE PRAY – that customs and immigration will go smoothly for all, that all our luggage will arrive safely. (Also, we are transporting over 1000prs. of glasses – that they will clear, and all equipment and medication will clear.)

SATURDAY, July 18th – 7:30am:
ARRIVAL DAY – we arrive in Oaxaca City at 7:30am and are picked up at the airport by the missionaries and transported to the Mission compound. We’ll spend the day in orientation, team building, and organizing glasses/materials.

  • PLEASE PRAY – travel mercies from the airport to the compound.

  • PLEASE PRAY – everyone on our team will be rested.

  • PLEASE PRAY – our health is protected – we will be protected in eating and drinking.

  • PLEASE PRAY – that our team will be unified in spirit. – not everyone on our team knows one another well, and many are in different places with their relationship with God. (I suspect that some may think they are believers – but are just ‘church go-ers’ – pray for salvation for EVERYONE on our team.)

SUNDAY, July 19th:
DAY w/ MISSIONARIES – we will attend a Mexican church service in the city, have more orientation/training, get accustomed to the altitude (over 5000ft.), and make final plans to set out to the villages Monday morning.

  • PLEASE PRAY – safety in the city as we travel.

  • PLEASE PRAY – grace, unity, & worship.

  • PLEASE PRAY – as we not prepare our ‘STUFF’ (equipment, agendas, etc.) – that God will prepare our HEARTS to meet the needs of the villagers.

  • PLEASE PRAY – that the missionary doctors returning will be blessed by seeing their past patients and friends made in previous years. (I remember when we did mission work in Reynosa, MX…it was ALWAYS soooo important to me to see the families I grew closer to in previous years….it is a precious reunion moment….and to restore relationship does something miraculous that is hard to understand. It is such a GIFT from God!!)

MONDAY, July 20th:
VILLAGE DAY #1 – we are most likely will be working as one team…but may split into two teams to cover more villages.

  • PLEASE PRAY – for the people in the villages
    *That they will PHYSICALLY see.
    *That they will see GOD in ways they never have before.

  • PLEASE PRAY – FOR RUSS (these are his requests) & the other interns /doctors.
    *That he will have energy
    *That he will work efficiently, accurately & quickly
    *But also, that there will be a sensitivity to God and what HE may be doing in each moment.
    *That God will give him wisdom – not only in medicine, but in ministry.
    *That Russ’ Spanish skills will be restored
    *That there will be easy communication w/ the villagers. (translation to the indigenous Indian dialec of the village)

  • PLEASE PRAY – for MIRACLES!!!!!!

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and


Mark 10:52 "What do you want me to do for you?" Jesus asked him. The
blind man said, "Rabbi, I want to see. “Go," said Jesus, "your faith has healed you." Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.”

We have heard of miraculous healing of the blind. (never seen by doctors…just thru prayer) We have heard of miraculous healing of bad vision, eye disease, and other health issues completely unrelated to eye health – etc.

  • PLEASE PRAY – for ISABELLA (and her ministry to the children) – God is working powerfully in ‘Bella Kate’s life. She has declared on different occasions, “Mommy, we will lay hands on people and they will be healed, in Jesus Name!” Yesterday she declared , “people will see & accept Jesus in their hearts. “ She has been doing a bible study with her teacher, Miss Faith learning these scriptures (which she has memorized.) & different stories from the bible.
    -Mark 10:52 “Go for your faith has healed you.”
    -1Peter 2:24 “By His stripes we are healed.”
    -John 14:14 “If you pray anything in My name, it will be given to you.”
    -And I’m sure she will be sharing the story of “Saul of Tarsus” (Acts 9)

TUESDAY, July 21st:
VILLAGE DAY #2 – (again…) we are most likely will be working as one team…but may split into two teams to cover more villages.

  • PLEASE PRAY – a repeat for the Villagers, Russ (& other Interns/Docs), & Isabella.

  • PLEASE PRAY – for People to be SAVED.

  • PLEASE PRAY – for DEBORAH (and my role) – I’ve been praying for this trip for a while now, and here are some things that I feel God has been saying about my role on this trip.
    **I am a Watchtower
    **I am a Mother
    **I am a Wife
    **I am an intercessor/prayer warrior

  • These are some things I’m praying for myself (I trust that God will show you how to pray also… ;-)….thanks so much:
    -I’m praying FREEDOM.
    -Freedom for Miracles to occur. (& that God will build our faith thru them.)
    -Freedom for Sight: physically & spiritually
    -Freedom from old Indian religions.
    -Freedom for Christians & favor for them within their communities.
    -Freedom from political corruption….& police corruption.
    -Freedom & Unity for the city government & the Believers

  • PLEASE PRAY – Health, Energy, Wisdom, Safety, & UNITY.

WEDNESDAY, July 22nd :
VILLAGE DAY #3 – (again…) we are most likely will be working as one team…but may split into two teams to cover more villages.


  • PLEASE PRAY – for the blessing on people serving us.

  • Missionaries, Cooks, other workers of the Mission, drivers.

  • PLEASE PRAY – revival among the children

  • PLEASE PRAY – Health, Energy, Wisdom, Safety, UNITY, favor

THURSDAY, July 23rd :
VILLAGE DAY #4 – (again…) we are most likely will be working as one team…but may split into two teams to cover more villages.


  • PLEASE PRAY – Revival Freedom….(bringing in sheaves from the harvest! Ps. 126)

Psalms 126 - “When the LORD brought back the captives to Zion, we
were like men who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, "The LORD has done great things for them." The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Restore our fortunes, O LORD, like streams in the Negev. Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.”


  • PLEASE PRAY – Health, Energy, Safety, & UNITY.

  • PLEASE PRAY – FAVOR for the missionaries & our team with the leaders of the village community.

FRIDAY, July 24th :
TOUR DAY – the missionaries are taking us to Oaxaca City to do some touristy things.

  • PLEASE PRAY – Health, Energy, Safety, & UNITY

  • PLEASE PRAY – as we walk thru the city….we will take the Spirit of the Lord with us wherever we are…that we will miraculously BE light in the darkness.

  • PLEASE PRAY – for God to seal the relationships that we make…building and growing them thru our Christian walks. That we will not forget them….we will continue to pray for them…and their lives.
    THANK YOU!!!

SATURDAY, July 25th :
TRAVEL DAY – going to the Oaxaca very very early….our flight leaves at 8:30am – and we travel thru the ALL DAY…layover in Mexico City, MX. (we will not leave the airport – or most likely not even leave security)

  • PLEASE PRAY – travel mercies (everyone in our team is healthy, travel details, flight details, patience, Isabella will be peaceful and cooperative)

  • PLEASE PRAY – we can sleep on the plane…or have plenty to do…esp. for Isabella.

  • PLEASE PRAY – that we will be able to check our luggage all the way through to JFK and go through customs there.

  • PLEASE PRAY – that customs and immigration will go smoothly for all, that all our luggage will return safely.


    LASTLY….we need support financially.
    Please pray that God will bring in all the money we “NEED”….and that we trust him for anything lacking….or can be generous with the missionaries with anything exceeding. We have raised a 1/3 of our trip at this point and trusting Him. The cost of our trip is $3000 (airfare, ins., food, lodging, transportation, medical supplies & a love donation). Thank you!
    If you are supporting us financially here are the details:
    Make check out to FCO or “Fellowship of Christian Optometrists”
    Email me the $$ amount you are donating
    ALL donations are tax-deductible - and made to FCO - Fellowship of Christian Optometrists)
    If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at

THANK YOU Again sooooo much!
Thank you all for your love and consistent support in our lives, adventures, and all that God is doing in our lives!
You are truly a huge blessing in our lives & we love you!
Now to Him,
Deborah & Russ (and Isabella Kate)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

BROOKLYN DANCE PROJECT: Dress Rehearsal - Ballet/Jazz One

Thankfully Isabella was fever-free...and feeling better. Thankfully -because this is the only time we can video the routine. We arrived QUITE early due to a misunderstanding. (Although irritating...it ended up being fun, and we visited with Alesha.) Hope you enjoy this little slide show....and the video. OH, MY GIRL!!

She has done sooo well with rehearsing. She and Alesha are pretty much the only ones with the timing and are pretty good at keeping in step with each other! She's certainly improved quite a bit in "year two".....thanks to Mdm. Karine!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quick Summer Trip to the Hamptons....

Our first day here in East Hampton....

beginning with brunch at the Living Room -- and then out for a drive. We found a secluded rocky beach...and just ENJOYED!

I really loved it -- we didn't find another beach quite like this one the whole weekend....not to mention....not another beach that didn't require some parking permit.