Monday, June 4, 2007

COUNT DOWN: 8 days Left...

Today we are doing a little cleaning out......
Still doing "house duties"...we have a lot of things to clear out of the basement - so I have to clear out our small storage closet on the third floor...and then I'll have to mail my Mother-In-Law our HUGE boxes that store 'Bella's - tortoise & hair - "rockin bunny!" I finally sold my antique armoire - that used to hold our TV in our living room back in Texas. I'm soooo sad that we didn't choose to move it Michigan to store with our other furniture. We decided to bring the armoire to NY...but it was too wide to move up the narrow staircase in our house. So...after sitting in the entry way of our house for the last 10mos. - I finally listed it on Craig's list for $500. ( & got $450 for it!!- the only good thing about it, was I bought that armoire and the one I still have in Michigan together for $100 at a Dallas estate sale about 10yrs at least a little more profit...can made me feel better about having to sell it!) We also had to get rid of 'Bella's Little Tikes Wagon....needless to say - we just don't have ANY storage, we are trying to 'lighten our load' little by little!~

We are in a CONSTANT STATE of 'down-sizing. I know that this is not a "bad thing"...there is always something to clear out...or unload...and I even like that we have "lightened our load" immensely over the last year and a's a great process to simplifying and organizing our life! Who knows how long it may take... there is STILL sooo much more to do...I think little by little will help me conquer my disease - "Packus-Ratus."

Two more days until we leave for upstate New York - where Russ will work with Dr. Chris Colburn in Jamestown, NY. (Hometown of Lucille Ball...) Russ got accepted into a program that sends the SUNY interns to a Doctors office to work alongside the doctor - and a grant pays for the entire experience. (Travel, lodging, and food.) So....instead of flying we thought it would be fun to rent a car and drive to Jamestown...and then 'Bella and Mommy could go along to explore 'upstate'...and have a fun little vacation as a family - and keep Daddy company at night! We are not eager to let him out of our site, yet!! I'm excited to see a little more of NY other than the city!!

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