Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HALLOWEEN 2007: "Toy Story 2 - Family"

We Like to do *THEMED* Halloween, of course Isabella told us what she wanted to be...and Mommy complied.
The request was JESSIE, from "Toy Story 2", Daddy was WOODY & of course I had to be Woody's 'girl'!! BO-PEEP!!
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Dinner with "OUR" McMillans!

Loved THIS time.....

(how many times have I written this in this blog???)

I live in the moment! EVERY moment was the best! I've soooo missed Darlene...and her mentoring heart. Her love, care, and encouraging spirit! She is such an amazing example of a godly woman! I've watched her with her girls....and watching them grow....and each get married! WOW.... We didn't get to see Lindsay/Wes & the girls or Jenny & Brad...but we got to spend some sweet moments with Kelley & Robert! Isabella ADORES you can see.....

Not that she spared any LOVE for Nan or Pop! Pop was soooo fun with her a little princess throne and foot stool! Tooo FUN!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TEA with My sweet girlfriends....

What a SWEET WONDERFUL time I had with these was such a precious time for me. We went to "morning tea" at a sweet little tea shop....and then grabbed lunch at (my fav...) Eatzie's - and went back to Gina's. I was able to spent the entire day with them! What a blessing!!
The picture below is us last summer at a special lunch that Gina prepared for us at her house!
LOVED it!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

WEEK FOUR: Peter & LeighAnn...


Ooooh, gotta love these two! Russ and I met them when we were doing Landmark Education a couple years ago....and what a blessing they are in our lives!! We loved Landmark...and all it did in our lives and in our marriage.... Wow....what a blessing. And now, years later - we are still reeping the benifits....So...Peter and LeighAnn came for dinner...and we caught up on ALL that is going on in our lives...since we've been gone. Peter, LeighAnn and I all did our 3rd part of Landmarks Core Curriculum together - called Self Expression Leadership Program. (SELP)

The next picture is from our last SELP night....a few weeks before my RNY surgery....

Thanks you two for a WONDERFUL evening....we absolute LOVE LOVE LOVE every moment we get to spend with you both - hoping that we will see you very very soon in the BIG "NYC" for some cooking in our tiny Park Slope apartment.... we have the wine! COME SOON!!~

Lots of Love, Deb, Russ & 'Bella Kate

Saturday, July 7, 2007

WEEK FOUR: Weekend w/ the Schwarz's


Agh! Not enough picture taking but we had a wonderful 1st day with NO RAIN...and spent the entire day out at the POOL!! yea.....

There was a lot of fun...swimming...lounging...& laughs!!!

Bek & I tried to read our books sitting lounging in the pool...but we got a bit distracted by Russ and Ken & then we started playing a round of "WHO'S LINE IS IT ANYWAY??"

"It's a giant piece of's a HUGE BOW!!!" We laughed sooooo hard! are soooo funny!
What a fun day....
Then the little girls jumped their hearts out on that TRAMPOLINE!!!


Ooooh what fun to see Sammie try this for the first time.....oh, and 'Bella looks like she's saying,

"Let me show you how it's done!!"

ugh....they are sooooo adorable!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

WEEK FOUR: Wisdoms

Oh....what fun we had with the

HUGE Wisdom family....

It's hard to believe that Jill came to visit me in NYC in January.....and now she is the "Mommy of 3"....with one on the way!!!

Jill & Dean seem to have fallen right into the groove without issue into being parents! UGH!! And their girls are soooooo fun...adorable...and just plain CUDDLY!

I can NOT wait to meet the FOURTH....what an incredible blessing...God is soooo GOOD!

Today we went to their house for lunch...and all the girls took naps (including 'Bella Kate)...and afterwards we all 'suited up' and went to the pool! Wow...what swimmers we all have.... Jill's girls LOVE the water...and are soooo brave. AND'Bella Kate is getting braver and braver....she is trying with all her might to put her face in the water....swimming to and from the steps to Daddy and me! I'm sooo proud of her!!
We ended the evening with dinner at yet ANOTHER 'bout of Tex-Mex! This time - LA Ha!!!! (La Frisco) We've definitely been getting our fill since we arrived in Texas 4 weeks ago!

What a wonderful time of fellowship with Jill, Dean and the girls....

Thanks Jill and Dean....we LOVED our day with you two...and seeing your girls - hearing their stories...and seeing you both parent! have your hands full...but God is gracing your family continually. We will continue to pray for your 4th little one...and your journey this year! We love you ALL!!! (thanks soooo much for dinner....) ;) ~Deb, Russ, & 'Bella Kate~ xoxox

Thursday, July 5, 2007

WEEK FOUR: Sissa & Hector...

This was our last visit with Sissa & Hector (and another stop for TexMex - this time, El Fenix...) what a wonderful time...telling stories...and hearing all that God is doing in their lives....
Love this picture of Sissa and 'Bella Kate!!
Sissa & Hector -
We loved this evening with you two...we are continue to pray for you and Hector...and all that God is doing in your lives. I know that He has an amazing plan for you two...and that it is going to be amazing celebrating His gifts with you! ~
Love you both!!
~Deb, Russ & Isabella Kate~

WEEK FOUR: Juls & Jenna!

What a wonderful time with my old sweet friend 'Julia Rose'.... now of course, she is Julia Fellers... here she is with her new little daughter -
Jenna Grace!

We had such a wonderful time at Mimi's Cafe....

and then off to the playground at Vista Ridge Mall!!

What a blessing this was for me Juls...Thanks soo much for taking time and bringing Jenna an Grant to come and spend time with me! I LOVE YOU sooo much. You know you can call me ANYTIME...I'm here for prayer!

~ You are such a dear sweet friend...I love you, Deb~ xoxox

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

WEEK FOUR: Fireworks....

This babylove was pretty tired by the end of the evening....she couldn't even smile!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

WEEK FOUR: Seeing my old Friend....

Today was a kind of
'Business Day' for Mom and I.....

First we went to see Barry Melman...then off to lunch with Barb Roberson...and finally off to see my old friend (and seamstress) Griselda Lopez.
Griselda and I worked at Hairston Roberson, she was my sample maker...and then when I started my freelance biz...she did all of my sewing for me! What a great seamstress....and wonderful friend. When Griselda workded at HR...she's periodically would bring a one of her many children...I've known Theresa since she was about 8yrs....NOW, she's 20-something AND she has a sweet BABY!!! Griselda is a Grandma.....

Here is the new Abuelita....Alexandria...and new Mommy, Theresa!

Monday, July 2, 2007

WEEK THREE: "Spider Man Swim Birthday!!"

Happy Birthday Gavin & Garrett!!!


What a fun birthday party!!

Aunt Leesh had it at a local little waterpark...and it was the perfect size for the little ones!

The Birthday Yummies were delicious!! Even the ice cream cake was great...even when eaten with our FINGERS!! ( or ' Isabella says...LOL!)

Although it's been raining like crazy EVERYDAY practically since we've been in Texas...this morning was perfectly sunny...and about 30min. after the party was over we heard the first clap of thunder.....and out of the pool we were! Perfect timing!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

WEEK THREE: Photo shoot....

Today was fun...
Starting off we visited our old church - formerly know as "Fellowship Bible Church North" - now, Chase Oaks church...still in the old building where we married...but soon to be in their new location at Legacy and Chase Oaks...that was fun. Jeff didn't preach (for obvious reasons...LOL...we are housesitting his home...and he and his family are in Beliz...) - But...Drew Leaver did - he was hilarious as usual, we really enjoyed Ty's worship...they even did a song that Kevin Singleton and Israel Houton wrote. Made us miss MSNY!!!

Then we met Viv and Omar for lunch...and then we took them to Frisco for a photoshoot at my favorite stone gazebo across from Frisco High was's my favorite!


Of course then we had to take some pictures with 'Bella. First Mimi & 'Bella...then one with Tia 'em!!! It was 'TEXAS HOT' - but the photo shoot was a success....

Thanks for letting me photograph you Viv & Omar...and thanks for dinner! We've loved the time we've got to spend with you both!! See you in September in NYC!!!! Can't wait!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

WEEK THREE: Sam Roberson...

We actually got to spend a little over an hour with Barb, Sam, Rosie and Gus....But when we arrived at the Royal Oaks Country Club to meet up with them for a was Sam Roberson that greeted us!! (Barb was running a little late....and I think Gus and Rosie were swimming in big pool. )

"WOW!!" is all I could think when he ran up to greet us....what a sweet, charming young man! Not only did he greet us like family....with sweet hugs....but he's grown into a wonderful, polite teenager! It was actually difficult thinking about when I'd met him 12 yrs before...and he was a rotund 2 year old infant! THEN...what a smiley round-faced, round-bellied toddler....and now....years and years later...a tall lean godly young man. What a blessing he is to others....and what a reflection of his Father and Mother!

Another thing I've every time 'Bella Kate is around Sam she is enamored by him! And he adores her....treating her like a little princess.
It was a lot of fun watching him usher her to the "BIG Pool"....and taxi-ing her around on his back....she LOVED it...and still is talking about how much fun "sweet Sam" is!!***

***Thanks Sam, for being such a GREAT host to us....and being such a sweet guy to 'Bella....helping her swim...getting her treats...and taking such great care of us during the thunderstorm! Your Mom & Dad would've BEAMED with Pride if they saw what a wonderful host you were! Thanks again...YOU'RE GREAT!!***

Thursday, June 28, 2007

WEEK THREE: Dinner with the "ALBA's"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl!!!!

....just to see my sweet, most talented, creative friend....

I've probably talked to HER more than anyone from back home this year while I've been living in NYC...what a 'gem'....I don't feel like I've missed out on her life...nor her mine this year - b/c we talk 2 or 3 times a week!! But...there is NOTHING like huggin' her....she give the tightest squeezes!! LOVE THAT!!! (Oooooh, and lucky ME....she's coming to NYC for her birthday in September!!! Whhhhooooooo HOOOOOO!! I can barely wait!!)

We had a wonderful double date with Viv and her sweet hubby, Omar. We went to PeiWei....YUM....and then back to their cute house. I'm glad we get to see them again this weekend!

~ One time isn't enough....~

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WEEK THREE: Baack Family Fun...

What fun....we giggled and gitted!!
Pictures had to be taken!!!

I LOVED seeing my oldest best girlfriend....ahhhh....just looking at this photo, brings back a FLOOD of fun memories of when we were roomies! I know we are older...the sign shows in our laugh lines....and I think Karen looks more tired than I've EVER seen her....but why wouldn't she be...she's got these four silly girls...and a little boy 1/2 way cookin' in her oven! I loved our visit....what a joy to see her after a LONG year!!


The Adults HAD to get involved....