Saturday, June 16, 2007

WEEK ONE - Day Three: "20th Reunion-Part 2"

PAT O'BRIENS - Evening Dinner/Dance

Thankfully - Dara agreed to come to this evening's event!

I don't know if Russ would've had as much fun if she weren't there!!! He's found a fun connection with her...and she is sooo hilarious - she kept us all laughing!!~ She is a 'stitch!'
We started the evening with drinks and appitizers in a little bar area. Then they let us in to the dining area to select our tables....Russ, Dara and I got our table kind of in the back....then Drewann and her sweet husband, Julio came and sat with us. Then Michelle Keller and her well as a couple I didn't know. Eventually my sweet friend Laurie (Burkett) and her husband Shane arrived and sat with us!
It was fun seeing everyone from the night, everyone cleans up sooo nicely! The amazing some of our ol' friends look soooo different - and some just exactly the same! Karen (Mattingly) is more beautiful than ever....and Missy (Mudd) is just a beautiful as she ever was. I don't think I'd recognize Karen if we met on the street...but Missy couldn't fool me a bit!


Here are some fun friends that I have fond memories of....

Everyone looked soooo GREAT!!!


(You can double click any photo for a larger view....)

Picture #1 - Jennifer (Baskin) w/ her husband Rob.

Picture #2 - Carol (Lyle) with husband, Jeff.

Picture #3 - Deanna (Holland) & Becky (Christopherson)

Picture #4 - Lisa (Martinez) & Karen (Lencoski)

Picture #5 - Vince (Flickenger) & Tony (Grogh)

Picture #6 - Pam (Peters) & Her husband

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