Saturday, June 16, 2007

WEEK ONE - Day Three: "20th Reunion-Part 2.6"

Picture #13 - Stephanie & Deborah




GO....JERRY....GO, Jerry!!!!


Picture #16 & 17 - Jennifer & Missie

Picture #18 - LOVE these was soooo fun catching up and having some fun!! These girls are "DANCIN QUEENS"...

Picture #19 - GORGEOUS BABE!!!

Picture #20 - Natalie & Randy...can't wait for y'all to come to NYC!

Picture #21 - LOVE this sweet Pam!!!

Picture #22 - Pam, Laurie & Sally

Picture #23 - Deborah & Natalie

Oh My, it must've been after 1am there was a little 'cat fight' that broke out between the girl here with my friend Missie - (Christa Pace - Class of '88) anyway...
The fight -
Some 'girl' got a bee in her bonnet with Christa for whatever reason and grabbed the back of her 'fake hair' and was trying to fight! Thankfully Jen Tiller observed the whole thing and grabbed the girl and pulled her off. Christa was ushered into where the white tables were...and was sitting by one bawling! Diane McFeaters and myself were trying to comfort her...and she was doing this combination 'bawling/barfing' thing! UGH!! - DISGUSTING....
Just as I was leaning over to Diana to tell her I couldn't deal with that - she says to me, "Deborah, I DON'T DO VOMIT!!" I was about to protest...and it was like she knew what I was gonna say and said, "I'm not a MOM - I don't DO vomit!!"

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