Friday, June 8, 2007

COUNT DOWN: 4 Days Left....

"NO MORE Monkies Jumpin' on the Bed!!"
We are on our first trip of the summer....Russ has the opportunity to work with a doctor in Jamestown, NY and visit his practice. He was given a grant to travel....lodge...and eat. The BONUS is that we worked it out to save the grant money....AND managed to take our entire family to upstate New York.

We rented a minivan....and off we went!! It was quite a LONG HAUL- 7 hours to be exact....but, my little punkin was soooo excited when she heard that we'd be staying in a hotel - because that is the ONLY place we jump on the bed!!!
We had a wonderful experience in Jamestown....and had a GRAND roadtrip....Bella and I hung out at the hotel today....and went swimming....then took a LONG nap! Ahhhh, it's summer. Tomorrow we have more plans to hang out with Dr. Colburn's family....and possibly go to a little amusement park - which should be fun for our girls, they have a 2yo!!

For are our wonderful pictures of our Monkey jumping on the BED!!!!

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