Saturday, June 13, 2009

BROOKLYN DANCE PROJECT: Dress Rehearsal - Ballet/Jazz One

Thankfully Isabella was fever-free...and feeling better. Thankfully -because this is the only time we can video the routine. We arrived QUITE early due to a misunderstanding. (Although ended up being fun, and we visited with Alesha.) Hope you enjoy this little slide show....and the video. OH, MY GIRL!!

She has done sooo well with rehearsing. She and Alesha are pretty much the only ones with the timing and are pretty good at keeping in step with each other! She's certainly improved quite a bit in "year two".....thanks to Mdm. Karine!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quick Summer Trip to the Hamptons....

Our first day here in East Hampton....

beginning with brunch at the Living Room -- and then out for a drive. We found a secluded rocky beach...and just ENJOYED!

I really loved it -- we didn't find another beach quite like this one the whole weekend....not to mention....not another beach that didn't require some parking permit.