Saturday, June 2, 2007

COUNT DOWN: 10 days left....

ONLY 10 DAYS....
until we leave for Texas! Yea!

We are excited...but, we have a list of things to accomplish before we even think of leaving the city! We have to go thru our hall closet and create some space for my brother. (For those of you who don't brother Rob is nearly done with law school & got an internship here in NYC for the summer with the Attorney Generals office! - congrats rob!!) So, we're tackling the closet....sending lots of stuff to Good Will and making space for suits, and Rob's stuff! We made some fantastic progress...and the closet looks amazing. Hopefully there is enough room for all the things Rob brings for the summer!

We've also done some organizing of Isabella's room!! Wow, we didn't realize how many 'baby toys' we have kept around....lot's of Fischer Price - which is now all bagged up! As well as a bag of buttons, ribbons, silk flower peddles, broken beads, and a sundry of misc. things!! (even paper shards! Our little one is a "putter" and a "pack rat"!!) We've finally bagged up all the little 'board books'...and baby books too. It makes me a little sad to be honest....I can't believe she's nearly FOUR! And not a little baby.... :::::sigh:::::
Lastly....cleaned out the pantry and under the bathroom sink, and the hallway outside our apartment....whew! Russ has been begging me to clear out the medicines, organize the pantry, and clear out the hallway - and now we've created and easier space to live in!
All in all, we bagged up 3 huge bags of trash...and 3 huge bags of donations! Now....tomorrow I have a day of cleaning....I now must rid our house the best I can of as much cat hair as possible!! Hopefully & prayerfully Rob will not have a tough time of it - with our kitties this summer!!

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