Saturday, June 30, 2007

WEEK THREE: Sam Roberson...

We actually got to spend a little over an hour with Barb, Sam, Rosie and Gus....But when we arrived at the Royal Oaks Country Club to meet up with them for a was Sam Roberson that greeted us!! (Barb was running a little late....and I think Gus and Rosie were swimming in big pool. )

"WOW!!" is all I could think when he ran up to greet us....what a sweet, charming young man! Not only did he greet us like family....with sweet hugs....but he's grown into a wonderful, polite teenager! It was actually difficult thinking about when I'd met him 12 yrs before...and he was a rotund 2 year old infant! THEN...what a smiley round-faced, round-bellied toddler....and now....years and years later...a tall lean godly young man. What a blessing he is to others....and what a reflection of his Father and Mother!

Another thing I've every time 'Bella Kate is around Sam she is enamored by him! And he adores her....treating her like a little princess.
It was a lot of fun watching him usher her to the "BIG Pool"....and taxi-ing her around on his back....she LOVED it...and still is talking about how much fun "sweet Sam" is!!***

***Thanks Sam, for being such a GREAT host to us....and being such a sweet guy to 'Bella....helping her swim...getting her treats...and taking such great care of us during the thunderstorm! Your Mom & Dad would've BEAMED with Pride if they saw what a wonderful host you were! Thanks again...YOU'RE GREAT!!***

Thursday, June 28, 2007

WEEK THREE: Dinner with the "ALBA's"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl!!!!

....just to see my sweet, most talented, creative friend....

I've probably talked to HER more than anyone from back home this year while I've been living in NYC...what a 'gem'....I don't feel like I've missed out on her life...nor her mine this year - b/c we talk 2 or 3 times a week!! But...there is NOTHING like huggin' her....she give the tightest squeezes!! LOVE THAT!!! (Oooooh, and lucky ME....she's coming to NYC for her birthday in September!!! Whhhhooooooo HOOOOOO!! I can barely wait!!)

We had a wonderful double date with Viv and her sweet hubby, Omar. We went to PeiWei....YUM....and then back to their cute house. I'm glad we get to see them again this weekend!

~ One time isn't enough....~

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WEEK THREE: Baack Family Fun...

What fun....we giggled and gitted!!
Pictures had to be taken!!!

I LOVED seeing my oldest best girlfriend....ahhhh....just looking at this photo, brings back a FLOOD of fun memories of when we were roomies! I know we are older...the sign shows in our laugh lines....and I think Karen looks more tired than I've EVER seen her....but why wouldn't she be...she's got these four silly girls...and a little boy 1/2 way cookin' in her oven! I loved our visit....what a joy to see her after a LONG year!!


The Adults HAD to get involved....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

WEEK TWO - Sissa & 'the man'....

One of my sweetest friends Melissa came all the way to Ft. Worth and drove us to Murphy...and then back to her home for the night....where they fed us....and gave us a great bed!

Thanks for the FANTASTIC Bar-BQ...the best we've EVER had....
I love you too Mr. MAN!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

WEEK TWO - Wisdom Triplet's Shower

What a JOY Celebrating the arrival of these Precious Triplets to the Wisdom Family....and to know a fourth will join them before the end of the year!! Praise God!!!
"Now to Him who is able to do...
immeasurably MORE....
than all we ask or imagine...."

WEEK TWO - Samantha Janae Schwarz

The Prettiest Blue-eyed Girl in the World!!

We spent quite a bit of time in the airport...b/c of rain many flights were delayed...what a JOY to get to go and spend some quality time w/ the Schwarz family!!! Ooooh, and this was such a fun time! Being able to spend some quality time with our best friends was such a see how much this little 'charmer' has grown in just one year!!

Some of my favorite things about Sammi Jae:

  • Her fun jabber...especially exclaiming: "DAAA------DDDYYY!"
  • Her peering thru the windows from her playroom into the living room...trying to gain attention from us....(of course she had our attention the WHOLE time!)

  • Her walking about with that PACI!!! Sooooo cute!!! (I eventually had to buy her a "bling" paci....)
  • Her climbing into my lap to cuddle...sort of, but turning around to face outward.

  • Her hugs and open-mouthed kisses....

  • Her gorgeous blue eyes....

Sammi with her 'BLING PACI'

Oooooh, I love love love this little girl....thankfully we will get to see her again in a few weeks!!!!

Aunt Deb & Sammi...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WEEK TWO - Leaving 'Bella at "Grandma Camp"

It was exciting to take a plane to see the Schwarz Family...but it seemed a little sad to leave 'Bella at "Grandma Camp!" Grandma made soooo many fun plans.... She'll be with Mimi for 9 days....whew! That's a LOOOOONG time....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

WEEK ONE - Fiesta Texas FUN-FUN-FUN!!!

We had such a fun day today....going to Fiesta Texas Six Flags! Mimi treated us to the fun day...what a blessing - and the weather was perfect even though it was possible rain! WHAT FUN!!
We started our day off at the water park side...Mommy, Daddy & 'Bella all swam together...Daddy even took 'Bella Kate on the "Lazy River!"

After we were waterlogged and had our fill of bumps, bruises...cuts & scrapes...we headed off to the First Aid Shack for neosporin & bandaids!
But as sad as she looks here it didn't take much to cheer her up!! We laid our eyes on some Looney Toon Characters...and she got to see their show - and give them all some love!!!


I love it when she dances...sooo cute!!

Daddy's FIRST driving lesson....

And Tea w/ Mommy....
(don'tcha know that I LOVE THIS!!)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

WEEK ONE - Day Three: "20th Reunion-Part 3"

Reunion Picnic & Dodgeball Game!!
Our LEADER Vanessa w/ Becky....Isabella Kate...LOVING the kid pool! I even let her swim in her onsie outfit b/c we didn't bring bathing suits....SHE LOVED IT!!

Missie's Lil Monkey....

Blowing Bubbles....

3 Little Monkeys....sitting on the bench!

Becky & Tammy


Deb, Missie & Traci

Deb & Troy

Roxy, Karen, Traci, & Vince

Deborah & Christie