Saturday, June 30, 2007

WEEK THREE: Sam Roberson...

We actually got to spend a little over an hour with Barb, Sam, Rosie and Gus....But when we arrived at the Royal Oaks Country Club to meet up with them for a was Sam Roberson that greeted us!! (Barb was running a little late....and I think Gus and Rosie were swimming in big pool. )

"WOW!!" is all I could think when he ran up to greet us....what a sweet, charming young man! Not only did he greet us like family....with sweet hugs....but he's grown into a wonderful, polite teenager! It was actually difficult thinking about when I'd met him 12 yrs before...and he was a rotund 2 year old infant! THEN...what a smiley round-faced, round-bellied toddler....and now....years and years later...a tall lean godly young man. What a blessing he is to others....and what a reflection of his Father and Mother!

Another thing I've every time 'Bella Kate is around Sam she is enamored by him! And he adores her....treating her like a little princess.
It was a lot of fun watching him usher her to the "BIG Pool"....and taxi-ing her around on his back....she LOVED it...and still is talking about how much fun "sweet Sam" is!!***

***Thanks Sam, for being such a GREAT host to us....and being such a sweet guy to 'Bella....helping her swim...getting her treats...and taking such great care of us during the thunderstorm! Your Mom & Dad would've BEAMED with Pride if they saw what a wonderful host you were! Thanks again...YOU'RE GREAT!!***

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