Saturday, June 16, 2007

WEEK ONE - Day Four: "Lunch with the GIRLS & Families!"

ALAMO CAFE - 3.5hr. Lunch!!

Junior High School Buddies:

One of the super fun things about our reunion was the 5 months we had together 'before' on our JMHS87 website!
In January, Christy Hall's wonderful husband designed a wonderful web - board...where we all could post thread's to one another and "RE" get to know each other as adults. During this 5 has been fun to get to rekindle old friendships...but also get to know some for the first time!!! This has been a true JOY!! And see each other at the reunion! What FUN!
My sweet friend, Missie (Courney)and I planned to meet with our husbands and families for lunch....and then as we were all talking last night we invited Drewann & Traci to join us! What fun....we talked and talked....I think Russ thought we'd never leave! We went to Alamo Cafe and sat at my baby brother's (who's now nearly 21- not-so-baby-anymore!) table....even after we stood up from our table it took another HOUR to leave! We were having toooooo much fun!!
(It was sooo fun catching up with the girls!!)

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