Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DAY FOUR: "FE y CURACION ~ faith & healing"

God has been growing Isabella's faith by leaps and bounds...it's been amazing to watch her grow in the Lord this year & 4mos. (she accepted Jesus as her Savior in Apr. '08).

So, in the months of preparation for this mission trip, Isabella was doing some bible study with one of our sweet friends who teaches the children. In one of the studies we started talking about John the Baptist baptizing Jesus...Isabella put it together with Ananias baptizing Saul/Paul...and then said -- "I never did that Mommy, I think I need to!!" Amazed & excited I called the church to find out the next baptism date -- it was that Sunday!

I must say I'm continually blown away by the thoughts and ideas that God drops in her mind and on her heart....on our way to her baptism, she declared -- "Mommy, WE are going to Oaxaca, and we are going to lay hands on little children, and they are going to be healed in Jesus Name!"I just looked at her in astonishment -- and said "Yes, 'Bella! God IS going to heal people..." -- I thought in my mind, "wow, what a bold declaration for a 5yo!" that was the point that I started to get a sense that her baptism this day was and open door to a grand adventure & the beginning of days, weeks, and years of ministry in her life!~


10 days later we left for Oaxaca...On the 2nd day of ministry in the village we went to church. At the end of an amazing service...we went up in groups...to pray for and minister to the people of the village.

The short version of this story goes like this:

A young girl and her parents approached us, he father explained that she was completely deaf...and had been deaf for over 2yrs. The doctors had told them that she'd not hear again -- but they were believing for a miracle, and believed that God would heal her. Isabella instinctively and immediately before even being directed by the missionary in our prayer circle laid hands on this little girl and began praying powerfully in Jesus name. Prayers for healing.

I found myself putting my fingers in the girls ears....and praying for her healing, but also asking the Lord if he'd heal her AND grow Isabella's faith in who and what God was and could do! I felt the words of the Lord DROP boldly in my heart...."It is done."

I looked at the missionary -- and Isabella...and the other doctors in our circle, the little girl and the parents...and told the missionary that I felt the Lord say it's done. I took my fingers out -- and the little girl smiled, turned and walked away. We were stunned...but the next moments happened so fast -- the missionary went, "chush, chush!!" and motioned for her to come back. He then said, "can you hear me?" -- she said, "Sí, Señor!"...he lowered his voice and said, "can you hear me now?" -- she said, "Sí, Señor!" -- NEEDLESS to say...we erupted in cheers and praise for this wild miracle....I nearly fell over!! Isabella just looked calmly at the line of people and me...and said, "Isn't it cool what God can do?!" I just wanna cry even now....just thinkin' -- "yea, BabyLove...God is COOL!"

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