Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DAY FOUR: San Antoninio

God's Provision of Rain: when the village people said, "if you bring God with you...pray for rain...b/c we have not had rain in 2 and a half months!" We prayed and within the hour it rained hard -- and God came down mightily from the heavens. As we stood in the center of town with the village officials and villagers we watched the rain in awe. I could see people coming out of their houses...onto their rooftops or balconies to see the rain...I could hear the donkeys complaining about the rain...but most impactful to me personally was standing under the covering with this old woman - I sang praises to my Lord - not completely aware of the language of praise or the words I was saying - she looked joyful & blessed...as she huddled close to me, nodding in 'agreement.' It was as if she understood the magnitude of what my mind did not! Praise God for His Miracles!! Rain may not seem like a big deal to us here in the cities, because much of the time if the Doppler forecasts rain - we sigh thinking how inconvenient it will be in our daily commute. BUT, trust me when I say, when there is NO rain-- and you call on the 'maker of rain' to appear in the form of rain...and HE DOES!!?? This is mind - blowing. A true miracle.

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