Saturday, July 18, 2009

OAXACA, Mexico or BUST!!

Our day was uneventful...and smooth.


And although we didn't leave for the airport at our original time we planned we arrived in plenty of time....and much of the team was not ther yet. (I was thankful for THAT...even though we were not planning on packing glasses, drops or medications within our luggage.

GOD answered all of our prayers....
  • PLEASE PRAY – travel mercies (everyone in our team arrives, travel details, flight details, patience, Isabella will be peaceful and cooperative)
  • Isabella was soooo great! She was sooo giddy and excited... she stayed awake until we boarded the plane!! (and before take-off promptly passed out!)
  • PLEASE PRAY – we can sleep on the plane. (we arrive in Oaxaca at 7:30am)
  • YEA!!
  • PLEASE PRAY – that we will be able to check our luggage all the way through to Oaxaca City and go through customs there.
  • THIS was amazing...all of our luggage went straight thru to Oaxaca - and customs was sooo easy & simple!
  • PLEASE PRAY – that customs and immigration will go smoothly for all, that all our luggage will arrive safely. (Also, we are transporting over 1000prs. of glasses – that they will clear, and all equipment and medication will clear.)
  • SMOOTH as SILK!!!

Praise GOD for the early stages.... for the most part all went well.


Although I didn't sleep much on either flight....Isabella and I enjoyed the beautiful sunrise over Mexico City....where Isabella was determined we saw a VOLCANO! Later we found out it really WAS!! Volcano's one of the twin volcanos surrounding Mexico City, her sister has the nickname for : ""The Sleeping Woman." Popo (formally known as: Popocatepetl) was letting off some steam!

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