Saturday, July 7, 2007

WEEK FOUR: Weekend w/ the Schwarz's


Agh! Not enough picture taking but we had a wonderful 1st day with NO RAIN...and spent the entire day out at the POOL!! yea.....

There was a lot of fun...swimming...lounging...& laughs!!!

Bek & I tried to read our books sitting lounging in the pool...but we got a bit distracted by Russ and Ken & then we started playing a round of "WHO'S LINE IS IT ANYWAY??"

"It's a giant piece of's a HUGE BOW!!!" We laughed sooooo hard! are soooo funny!
What a fun day....
Then the little girls jumped their hearts out on that TRAMPOLINE!!!


Ooooh what fun to see Sammie try this for the first time.....oh, and 'Bella looks like she's saying,

"Let me show you how it's done!!"

ugh....they are sooooo adorable!!!

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