Friday, July 6, 2007

WEEK FOUR: Wisdoms

Oh....what fun we had with the

HUGE Wisdom family....

It's hard to believe that Jill came to visit me in NYC in January.....and now she is the "Mommy of 3"....with one on the way!!!

Jill & Dean seem to have fallen right into the groove without issue into being parents! UGH!! And their girls are soooooo fun...adorable...and just plain CUDDLY!

I can NOT wait to meet the FOURTH....what an incredible blessing...God is soooo GOOD!

Today we went to their house for lunch...and all the girls took naps (including 'Bella Kate)...and afterwards we all 'suited up' and went to the pool! Wow...what swimmers we all have.... Jill's girls LOVE the water...and are soooo brave. AND'Bella Kate is getting braver and braver....she is trying with all her might to put her face in the water....swimming to and from the steps to Daddy and me! I'm sooo proud of her!!
We ended the evening with dinner at yet ANOTHER 'bout of Tex-Mex! This time - LA Ha!!!! (La Frisco) We've definitely been getting our fill since we arrived in Texas 4 weeks ago!

What a wonderful time of fellowship with Jill, Dean and the girls....

Thanks Jill and Dean....we LOVED our day with you two...and seeing your girls - hearing their stories...and seeing you both parent! have your hands full...but God is gracing your family continually. We will continue to pray for your 4th little one...and your journey this year! We love you ALL!!! (thanks soooo much for dinner....) ;) ~Deb, Russ, & 'Bella Kate~ xoxox

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