Sunday, February 14, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR...or should I say 'Valentines??!!'

What an amazing 2009 it was! As always…we are continually fascinated with how God ‘shows up’ in powerful & miraculous ways. 2009 was NO exception. First let me thank you for your grace in accepting our greetings & update so late ~ it was my goal to get it to you by January 31st/ 2010! OOPS!! PLEASE…don’t drop us from your Holiday List!!

Well, in 2009, Russ completed his 3rd year of Optometry school (7th year in our LONG journey) with eager anticipation for graduation – Sunday, June 6th/ 2010. He began working as ‘Intern Coates’ at the SUNY Optometry Clinics….and did his first two terms (each 3 months) of clinical ‘IN,’ on the campus in Manhattan. Now, he’s ‘OUT/OUT’…both clinics in Brooklyn. He’s so thankful to be away from SUNY campus…& is enjoying his time now, at ‘East New York.’March marked a monumental ‘march’ to the finish line, with Russ passing Part 1 of his Boards. December 1st he completed Part 2. (and passed with flying colors) In late spring he will take Part 3 – to complete the Boards, graduate, and then apply for his license in the Tri-States & Texas. We know that our immediate future will keep us in New York City – believing that God has an incredible plan. In part, that will include a “J-O-B” (– as my Mom would say! LOL…) Although, not the traditional job – as he’s just applied for SUNY 5th year residency, hoping to work at East NY Diagnostic & Treatment Center.

This past July we went on our first mission trip as a family to Oaxaca, Mexico. WOW! All I can say is, in all my years of going on mission trips and serving…this trip ‘blew me away!’ God showed me as I was preparing for the trip, that I was to “watch & pray”- so, “watchman” was my primary roll. I marveled in watching & praying as my sweet husband served the Oaxacan People…along with watching my daughter’s faith grow as she prayed, & played with the children, and watched people miraculously healed. I’ve never seen miracles like God did on this trip. At times when we were on prayer walks – I felt like we were kicking up the sands of the disciples – as He was stirring up the very miracles from the Bible. I know I should not have been surprised! He is the same “Miraculous God” of the past – the God who parted the Red Sea, healed the deaf, blind, & lame…the same God who raised the dead – & raised HIMSELF from the dead. (Hebrews 3:18) We were so blessed & changed forever in watching the Trinity move powerfully –WOW! See more at:

As for Isabella Kate, this year she turned 6 yrs. old… lost 4 teeth…has become an A-Mazing reader…started 1st grade… and blows us away everyday as we watch her faith in God grow! She loves to worship & loves to dance. This is her 3rd year of ballet…and is becoming more and more focused, self-controlled and graceful with each passing month. She still loves to draw – and we are told that she is very advanced, so we think she’s definitely gifted in the ‘Arts’! (I’m just a little excited about that!)

As for me, Deborah, I’m always into “something”… of course I want to share of my current projects –but, I will wait – as most are still taking form. On a different note God is blessing us financially – thru my working in ministry, heading up the MSNY Women’s ministry pastoring the sweet ladies of our church. What an exciting time ahead…as God has been breathing & declaring ‘transition’ into our life since earlier this fall. We are now embracing it, as we moved just down the street to an AMAZING big apartment! We are so excited & blessed feeling thrilled to have people enjoy are new home without bumping into each other! Come visit!!

In expectation … we are stretching out our tent pegs…preparing in prayer for our future…excited & ready…listening for the voice of the Lord.

We Love you ALL dearly…BLESSINGS & the immeasurably MORE to you for ALL the days of 2010!

NOW TO HIM, Deborah, Russ & Isabella Kate

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