Sunday, December 25, 2011


Never thought I'd see fact, as I drove away from San Antonio, Texas 25yrs ago this year....I said "I'm DONE!" and made a vow that I'd NEVER move back!! (I think I secretly never  wanted to ever even come back....but that changed upon my first bout with 'homesickness' my freshman year....and then I truly loved my family - and missed my (then) baby brother, sweet (then) baby sister & brothers.
SO....the story is long - but like some of the best stories go - there was a hero...who saved the day, actually my life! And thru a wonderful series of events - the whole miserable thing is REDEEMED.

Now....with my sweet husband and precious amazing daughter we moved back to San Antonio Texas, and the adventure SHIFTS!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS...and blessings for 2012.... from TEXAS!!!

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