Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Isabella's first teacher in her budding school career is Ms.Sweeny. She is a very sweet, petite, young lady - with a VERY New York Accent! Sooo adorable....she reminds me of my sis-in-law Chrissy...she has a "little girl voice"...and speaks very sweetly with the children.
We are in week 2 of Kindergarten...and everyday I ask Ms.Sweeny
if she is doing OK...or if she needs anything. FINALLY she said, "Yes" and asked if I'd come in and help her label some bins.
We ended up talking about labeling the class library of books. Right now she has them divided out in categories... sooo cute. SO, I went to town with my creativity -- and turned out a fun project! I took photos of some books - photo shopped them -
and then made bin labels!
The photo attached is a collage of all the just need to laminate them...cut them...and then attach them with pipe cleaners! I'll post a picture of the shelves when I'm done!
I'M SOOOO A ROOM MOM!!!! Sooo Fun!
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