Thursday, May 31, 2007


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Our little joy, Miss Isabella Kate announced upon hearing that Daddy is finished with school, "Tomorrow is Summer!!!" Somehow, in that intelligent little brain of hers....she put together when Daddy is done with school - it will be summer!
And you know what happens when it's summer right?? WE GO TO TEXAS!!!!

Now, we are backtracking a bit, telling her that we have some preparations to do first~

  • Clean & Prepare for Uncle Rob's arrival - June 3rd.
  • Clear out some closet space for Uncle Rob's suits
  • Watch Miss Sara's kitties...and teach Uncle Rob how to do that!
  • Pack for our trip upstate - we are going to Jamestown, NY for 4days before our TX trip
  • Pack for our Texas Adventure!!


There is a lot to be done before we leave for Texas on June 12th....WHEW!!! BUT....FIRST THINGS FIRST!!

We celebrated Daddy getting - 3 A's, 1 B, and 2 C's!!! Praise God - Year ONE COMPLETE!! We went to LaVilla for brick oven Pizza - "FOUR Cheese"...Dessert...and whatever else made Daddy feel like a KING - because HE IS!!


We are PROUD!!"

love, Mommy & 'Bella Kate ~xoxox~

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